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{Scroll down for 'What the hell is Bad Influence?'}

{Scroll down further for '100 Q's about NY/London that you didnt want to know! [lulziwasbored]}

Q. Will you anthro any other cities?
A. Yes! Originally this started out as a project only for Capital cities that I had personally been to, so I knew their characters a little :O But Tokyo and Moscow will be making appearances in the future! I havent visited them, so If you have any pointers, let me know!

Q. I'm Spanish/Japanese/American/German/Italian/Russian and I have a bone to pick with you!
A. :O If I've slipped up on something then please, yes, point it out to me! I dont want to offend anyone <3

Q. Why isnt this a community?
A. This is so touching <333 But a community needs moderators, rules, regulations - blegh. By keeping it as the small little journal it is we can avoid all that poo.

Q. But i've made something!
A. It amazes me that lovely fanart and fanfiction for these characters gets drawn/written!! If you send either me aeldor conjure_lass a message, either on the sticky welcome page or personally, then you'll have a post dedicated to you on here and it will go up on the sidebar as soon as we can for everybody to enjoy <3

Q. You're not very quick at responding! How come?
A. =3= I dont have internet access at home. Every post here is made by walking into town carrying my laptop and working during library opening hours.

Q. Why do you speak in the third person when you post with that colourful sparkley avatar?!
A. XD Thats conjure_lass She's the second half of this outfit and my Americana-spanky-pants-helping-hand to make sure I dont go O.O.C with New York. She shares this journal with me, but posts under my name...CONFUSING EH! But dont worry! Where-ever you see that Avy its just her popping by to say hello - go visit her journal! She has oodles of delicious FrUK FrUS USUK Fanfiction! In fact we have a lot of talented and beautiful people here in this little place, nasty_show and wisteria02 to name a few have some gorgeous/hilarious USUK things to share <333

Q. Will you anthro my state/city?
A. I cant do states i'm afraid! Having Capital cities is a lot more inclusive to the entire world. NY is a very rare case. Technically Bad Influence should never have included NY! But...thats not the case <333

Q. NY is not a Capital! You do know that, right?
A. I know XD

Q. Will D.C ever find love?? =3=
A. I'm not sure D.C requires love! He's practically a robot XD This is something Ive never even thought of until lots of people started asking about it!fanfictionisalwayswelcolmehonhonhonhon....

Q. What colour are Paris's eyes? How tall is D.C? WHAT KIND OF PANTS DOES TOKYO-
A. :O As characters get developed little bits of information on them are compiled into a list, you can find a list of these here! But these normally dont pop up until we've seen them around for a while.

Q. 9/11...7/7?
A. Neither will be mentioned in Badin'. This is purely out of respect. I hope everyone understands this. The Earliest war I'm willing to mention is WW2

Q. Will you ever make Hetalia comics again?
A. Of course! If i ever get a good idea I jot it down. Or i steal them from you lot <333

Q. Can I use your art in icons/avys/etc?
A. Sure, go nuts!

Q. I'll read Badin' but I dont want to comment. These horny freaks scare me =3=

Q. I'm lurking. Do you love me?
A. Yes. TwT So much it aches <333

Q. I've heard you dont like USUK >80 IS THIS TRUE?!!?
A. Nooo! I love it XO I love seeing it in the official comic!! I love loud hyper ditzy Alfred Jones
and I love bitter-evil-motherly Arther Kirkland! Official USUK is hilarious and nom-my <3
Im...er... not a big fan of USUK fanart/fiction...I'M SORRY DX

Spamano though...mmmm...MMMMMM <3333

Q.And FrUK...what about GerIta?...Spamano?...LeitPo?
A.*flails* I ship everyone with everything!...I cannot sail therefore I do not ship anything XD
But Spamano was what first got me interested in Hetalia. Spain is just...<3...mmmmm

What the hell is 'Bad Influence'...WUT? 80

### A guide for newcomers ###

In the Bad Influence Universe, other cities, towns, and even villages do exist, but are rarely seen.
Think of them like pokemon XD
A tiny village is very quiet and rare, and very small with childish-body-frames, where-as Capital cities
and large cities are much more apparent. One tiny town which is Canon in the Badin' Universe is
Berwick-Upon-Tweed, a small girl who lives on the border between England and Scotland, and who is currently
at war with Russia X}
Another is a small British Boy called 'Whitwell' He is under the impression that he is Paris's best friend. Of course
he isnt XD He thinks that they are twinned. Of course theyre not XD. Think of him as Paris's stalker...

See ref -> http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2017/2362580150_e78a03e3eb.jpg

The order of Power is as such;

Capital city

There are no American States in the Badin' universe.

All the cities featured in the Badin Universe so far are ruled under a democracy, which means
that they answer to their Nations and take orders from them. In some cases Capital cities can turn against
their Nations in rebellion.

New York is a rare case in the Badin Universe, as he is as powerful as most Capital cities.
However, he must still answer to his little brother; Washington D.C.
This is a bitter subject for NY, but he doesnt miss his old job. This way he gets to misbehave a lot more.

In the Badin' Universe, a Capital's best friends are indicated by twinning / sister states. To be
twinned with another city doesnt have any romantic intentions, but it is still a meaningful ceramony for
a city to go through. There are no marriages in the Badin Universe.
Interestingly, New York and London werent twinned until 2004...talk about a Tsundere relationship XD

London has tried to Twin with Tokyo in the past. She shot him down XD
Surprisingly, Paris is only twinned with one city...
Berlin isnt twinned with New York, but theyre practically family anyway <3
The first person to twin with NY was Tokyo, after which they had a romantic relationship until about 1980.
[NY still flirts with her]

Washington may be one of the most powerful Capitals, but he isnt twinned with any of the others... :O
luckily for Washington, FRIENDS ARE FUTILE. WE ARE THE BORG.

All the characters in the Bad Influence Universe act similarly to those in Hetalia - ie they live
normal lives but some have confusing and bizarre traits that would baffle most humans;
Athens is able to fly much like the Britannia Angel. [Think Icirus/Cupid]
NY has an incredibly sensetive apple-shaped-curl similar to that of Romano's.
Tokyo often seems cat-like, because of Japans love of cute cats.

In the Bad Influence Universe, the original Hetalia characters are all perceived as they would
be in the original webcomic; ie - There are no canon pairings. There are no official 'ships' - however
Spamano/USUK/GreeceXJapan/FrUK/LeitPo/ etc are all heavily hinted, but not official.

~~ But the rule of fanart/fiction is to make your own rules =w= ~~
~~ These were only written to help me write the comic XD Feel free to go nuts with pairings ~~
~~ Personally I ship EveryoneXEverything so there is no chance at all that I would get offended <3 ~~


100 a few questions about NY/London that you didnt ask and didnt want to know!!
but i found this meme thing and couldnt stop answering the questions D:

1. Greetings! What's your name?


2. Please name the pairing you choose (A/B)


3. What gets you interested towards the pair?

Anytime I see them mentioned together in the news I get a bit rediculous XD

4. How long have you been shipping the ship?

"SHIPPING THE SHIP" *dies* erm...hm...about...2 years?

5. When did you first discover the pair?

Back when i used to draw Hetalia comics, I wrote a little one about England and America having a huge
arguement, and their bosses scolding them both, in this comic, the boss-men tell Arthur and Alfred
that they should be able to get along better, like their sons New York and London; The comic was called
'Long distance relationship'

Here's a bit of it; This was the first time I ever wrote NY/London:::


America - ... I need to ask you two something...its a little embaressing, the
only reason i'm doing it is because i'm such a hero...
[America looks off, he looks annoyed but determined]
London - ...What is it?
America - How...[cough]...er...how do ...you two get on so well?
[England coughs uncomfortably]
London/NY - ...
NY - ...I dont know really, I guess...[staring at London] I mean during WW2 I just,
I couldnt stand the thought of anyone hurting him...[smiling]
London - Shut uuuuurp... [London has gone a bit pink]
England - But, you two hated each other during the war, we were the ones who had to stop
you fighting! You always snapped at each other!!
America - Th-Thats right!! [To NY] Remember that book i gave you on how to talk to British people?
NY - Oh my God Dad, that was so embaressing...
[Reveal: America is talking about the guide for American troops in Britain handbook]
London - And wait a minute, we didnt -hate- each other, it was tense times you know. It was
war. And besides, it wasnt nearly as bad as when I had to fight Queen Boudica. What a bitch!
[England and America still looks confused]
NY - See, i like it when he comes out with stuff like that. He looks all innocent but
actually he's seen a lot of violence too
London - I guess thats why it doesnt bother me that you're in the mafia ^_^
America - What?!
[England/America look a little depressed at how much the boys obviously like each other]
England - ...This was a stupid idea!
America - Totally rediculous!
[They stomp off, London/NY look confused]


6. How do you think they feel about each other?

WHO KNOWS *smacks them both*

7. What did they talk to each other about when they first met?

When London first met Anthony as a teenager all he spoke was Dutch, so it was probably London trying to
teach him to understand English with a "Hello, my name is" or something XD And Anthony probably not
listening and trying to escape

8. Who fell in love first?


9. When did they start to notice each other? In what situation?

NY had a crush on London. Based soley on looks because he couldnt understand a word
London was saying X} William thought Anthony was very cute as a teenager, but didnt really start to
notice that he'd become a smokin-hot-piece-of-ass until about 1970/80 when they both went through
their punk/hardcore business phases

10. How did they confess their feelings towards each other?


11. How many days (or years) did it take for them to begin their relationship?


12. Their first kiss? How's it like?

Horrible. XD and the second one was pathetic XD But those were before present day...

13. How would you describe their relationship at present?


14. Where do they usually hang out?

NY likes to get sandiches from deli's, there's a bagel place he likes, he is picky about his sandwiches :D
He also likes to shop at Kid Robot for T-shirts and wear them with Armani suits, he can be a bit precious about
fashion so also has a lot of Prada and Gucci.
London likes writing in noisy cafe's, he likes to 'people watch' so spends a lot of time staring out of
windows or sitting in parks. He likes shopping for trainers and has a pretty big collection,
but he also spends a lot of time trawling vintage book stores.

15. What do they do there?

London sometimes gives lectures at Oxford University on Renaissance Literature, so he plans his lessons in
cafe's. NY likes to look over proposals for broadway productions and research the hottest new club/music
venue on his laptop. Both boys hate to be alone, as they can both get v lonely, so prefer to be out in
public in busy crowds.

16. What do they usually talk about?

When theyre not at work, NY likes to chat about basketball/sport with D.C and America, he might call up Berlin and
chat in German about breakdancing or Berlin's new art show. With Tokyo he talks about food, if NY was going to
talk to anyone about his feelings it would be either D.C or Tokyo.
London is quieter than NY. He likes to meet up with England and let Arthur berate him. London likes to talk
about architecture or anything Anglo-Romano-culture related. He might call Paris to chat about art, or Berlin
about modern-art, he also likes to keep his nose in the ballet-scene, as he sometimes dances at the Royal Ballet
School as a hobby

However, both boys are obsessed with money. When they are together they often just talk about economics and
finance, as they both love it. They love to make money and are obsessed by it.

17. What strategies have they used to keep the fire burning?

Flirting outrageously with each other

18. Please give us an example of how they express their affection towards each other.

London would look at Anthony sneakily and then probably just say 'Uhm...hello' <3
Anthony would buy London something to eat or put his arm around his shoulder <3

19. If one of them were having an affair, what would the other person do?

London would be a big ball of angst but would probably expect it to happen because Anthony is fi-hi-hine
and everyone wants to get in his pants.
Anthony would pay that other person 'a visit' X} And then treat London to 10 years of not speaking
to him lol. They'd get over it. When you live for hundreds of years these things happen.

20. One of them got caught shagging somebody else. What was their excuse?

London - You've taken me for granted, I never see you and I was lonely, wahwahwah DX
Anthony - They seduced me! It totally wasnt my fault! In fact, its probably your fault!..wahwahwah DX

21. Who gets jealous more often?

London gets jealous of Anthonys many admirers but does nothing about it

22. And how about the other person? Would they try to explain? or would they pretend not to have noticed?

NY probably wouldnt notice anything as he's grown up with everyone fighting over his attention. London doesnt
get showered with love from his family in the way that NY does.

[Interesting fact about London; Its one of the most popular and most visited places in the world, but
whilst it will make you rich, London's quality-of-life statistics are terrible...so he's grown up
knowing his people need him, but dont particularly like him ]

23. How do they settle a fight?

With their fists XD Theyre boys <3

24. Who gets angry more often?

Anth! Lol

25. What is usually the reason?

Anything can set him off, but these little bursts normally last for a minute or so, then he's
back to normal. London knows him well enough to just let him steam away like an angry kettle.

26. What do they think about the personality flaws of their partner? What do they want them to change?

London sometimes doesnt see why Anthony loses his temper so quickly, but he would never change him.
Anthony is vice-versa and finds it baffling that London can be knocked into on the street, and London
be the person to apologise, again, he wouldnt change him

27. What do they like about each other the most?

London loves NY's firey spark, it fascinates London and makes him want to be more like him. He loves that
NY is passionate about his job at the NYSE, and he loves the thrill of danger about him. NY always
looks like he's ready for a fight, even though he's actually very professional.
NY loves London's hidden toughness. He knows he's not the wuss he looks like. He also secretly loves
to watch London doing trivial things, and he likes reading anything he writes. He loves that London
didnt write him off as a gangster when everyone thought he was so dangerous in the 1800's

28. In what situation would they think they are hopelessly in love with each other?

Anthony -is- in love with Will, so most of things William does infuriate/enthrall him.
He tries very hard not to let that show, but if London manages to make NY laugh, he's done for <3
I cant say too much about London here, XD spoilers and all...hee...

29. How do the others look at them as a couple?

Disparingly XD

30. And how do they react to the public eyes?

NY is a a strange one. On one hand he doesnt care what people think about him and is glad to show off
and be the center of attention, however he also has a 'badass' attitude to maintain and isnt keen to
be seen as a romantic.
London doesnt really give this a second thought, as he's been wailing and weeping in coffee shops over
love poetry and sonnets since the 1600's XD - [This embarasses England greatly]

31. Any other characters support/criticize their relationship?

All the others see it and say nothing, as its quite glaringly obvious there's something between them.
Tokyo -seems- harsh towards London now, but...well we'll see :D

32. Where are their dating spots?

DATING SPOTS! Err...they havent had any yet o_O...I dunno...nice restaurants?...dingy Breakdancing clubs
er...all over their cities I suppose

33. At the meeting place, who usually waits for whom?

Theyre both very punctual, as theyre both two of the busiest cities in the world and hate to be late
for things, besides theyre both wired in by I-pads/Blackberry's/I-phones/ that they couldnt possibly be
late for anything ever

34. Why is s/he always late?

If one IS late - NY probably got into a fight XD / London probably stopped to swoon at a statue or something
...Or it could be traffic X}

35. Who (or what) else do they love as much as each other?

They both love money!! Making money/trading money/talking about money...they thrive on it.
Both of them are ruthless when it comes to cash, if you cant make either of them money, they want nothing
to do with you <3 Harsh, but thats London and NY for you <3

36. If they had to choose one, what would they choose?

London - Writing successful plays that make money!
NY - The stock Market...again, to make money!

37. What gifts did they get for the other person?

London would probably get NY something like a flashy watch, something he knows NY can show off
NY would probably get London tickets to something or an antique copy of an old Shakespeare play, something
old and dusty that London can swoon over.

38. What did they say when they hand out their gifts?

Oh God... XD... I dont know...

London - Here you go! Now you can show this off on the NYSE floor :D look, sparkly!
NY - Here you go! Now you have the complete collection. Look, dusty!

47. Do they live all by themselves? Do they have pets?

Yes, by themselves. They both have a few places over their cities. London and NY currently
have no pets

48. Who cooks?

LOL. New York. [London tries]

49. Is s/he good at cooking?

Yes. Very. He's not the best, and certainly no where near as good as Paris, but he's keen to learn.
For all his culinary skills, he also has a secret obsession with hotdogs. He loves them <3

52. Do you think they will be "happy ever after"?

Probably not...I'm kidding! I dont know...who knows!

53. Who wakes up first in the morning?


54. What do they do to wake the other person up?


58. If one of them suggested to break up, what would be the reason?

Hmmm... Unapprieciation? Let down? Something trivial and wangsty probably *knocks heads together*
I can see NY wanting to break up with London over his lack of jealousy. And i can see London
wanting to break up with NY if he did something like punch someone needlessly or something

63. Who has the worse drinking habit?


64. What would they do to each other when they were drunk?

o_O....hahaha... XD...<3
Sometimes London and NY are very similar...this is one of those occasions XDDD

65. What were their love lives like before they met each other?

London was part of the kinky Roman Empire, he's done things that would make NY's head explode, however
that was in the past when London was a teenager. He developed a huge crush on Paris in the 1100's, and
another on India a few hundred years after that. [Hurry up and draw her Himamura! *O*] London is open
to most things but hasnt been a seme since he was the powerful Capital in the world, after which his
confidence kind of slipped XD

NY had a reputation for being a player. This started in the 1800's and kept going until present day, he
survives mainly on one-night-stands as there's always a line of people wanting to get in his pants.
Tokyo was his first attempt at trying a long-term relationship. NY is very experimental and likes to
be in control of his partner, he's not keen as an uke, as he sees it as a kind of surrender.

69. How do they address each other?

NY calls London 'Will' and 'London' and very very rarely; 'William' when he's being serious
and also 'Smog' or 'Smokey' when he's looking to have a little dig at him, London's nickname
is 'The Big Smoke'

London calls NY 'Anth' and 'Anthony' 'NY' and occasionally 'New York' when he's being serious
and also 'Mafia' when he's being a little shit X}

70. Is there any word/phrases which is known only to the pair? If so, what would the word/phrase be?

Theyre the only ones who call each other 'Mafia' and 'Smog', if anyone else made a dig at either of
them I can imagine the other suddenly becoming very protective and defensive <3

71. Which body part do they touch their partner most often? (e.g. hair, hand, arm...)

Haaaaaah hahah XD why do i get the feeling that was actually a nice question and i've ruined it?

72. Do they get along well? No?

They get along very well. Theyre best friends. They forgive each other much much more than
they would tolerate from anyone else

73. Who always wins the argument at the end?

its about 50/50

74. Where do they go for relationship advice?

HAH! Erm...D.C probably gives it openly. I'm not sure either of them listen to him.
I can imagine Anthony listening to Romano, he looked up to him a helleva lot in the 1800's so
he values his advice. London would probably love to see the ghost of Grandpa Rome but the
only city Grandpa Rome appears to is Paris.

78. They just witnessed someone else confessed to their partner. How do they react?

NY would scoff...probably in jealousy that they'd managed to do it when he hasnt 8)
London would sob...probably because of past memories when it went so horribly wrong with Paris X)

80. What will you be doing right now if you have never known about this pairing?

Spazzing over Queer as Folk and probably reading endless fanfiction for Brian and Justin XD

84. Do you think it is possible that they would eventually split up, or one of them would fall in love with someone else?

Yes. We're talking about creatures who can survive centuries and milennia. The idea of them
staying in love for all eternity with one person is rediculous. I think they'll always be close though :}

85. Do you think their feelings towards each other are of the same intensity?

At the moment, no *sob* London doesnt know NY loves him.

86. Two of them are sharing a bed for some reason. Who will fall asleep first?

London. He's older and doesnt have as much energy, and NY would probably be trying to restrain himself
from 'doing anything' XD

87. What has happened before they share the same bed?

They've shared a bed loads of times, a lot during WW2. London's house during WW2 slowly became more and
more derelect and shabby, he had leaky pipes and no electricity, I can imagine them sharing a bed because
of damp on the other mattress or a bit of the roof fell in on NY's bedroom X} During the war London was a
starving tramp so sharing body heat in winter was just common sense.

[ I long to do a WW2 NY/London comic but Conjure doesnt like their 'taches XD ]

88. Please describe the pair with one sentence.

"Wish you were here" XD [Thanks, Wist!]

89. What do you like about the pair?


90. Do you draw fanart/write fanfictions?

Yos... Else they wouldnt exist.

91. How many times do you day-dream about them in a day/a week?

I used to, a lot when I was thinking about the script B} But thats finished now so i dont as much.

92. Do they have a theme song?

"New York New York" Frank Sinatra <- Just awesome <3
"New York state of mind" Alicia Keys <- A love ballad about New York <3
"New York" Paloma Faith <- A song about New York stealing mens hearts away XD
"LDN" Lily Allen <- A song about how London is secretly v dangerous XD
"London Bridge" Fergie <- A kink song about nasty!London <33333
"London calling" Was it The Cure? Not sure...
"Emit Remmus" RedHotChiliPeppers <-- "Lon-don-in-tha-summer-tiiiieemmme X}"

but my favourite is;

"An Englishman in New York" Sting <- Sting's voice is just....mmmmm <3333

93. If they were separated forever, what would be the reason?

For their nations to tell them so. Or in NY's case, for D.C to tell him so, it would be troublesome, but
D.C is more powerful than NY and could make it happen if he really really wanted to...

94. Is their relationship as unstable? Or steady?

Both X}

97. How would you promote your ship to those who does not know/like it?

I wouldnt. Its just a silly comic <3 I'm perfectly happy with the lovely group who seem to like it.
Plus...I'm not a big fan of 'ships' I read ANYONE x ANYTHING
Its the same with these two, kink takes over and I would happily draw them with Paris/Berlin/Tokyo
/D.C/Madrid/someone elses O.C/Everyone in Hetalia XD

98. Do you think this pair will dominate (the fan-world, for example) someday?

Lol, no. When i'm finished with it, it'll disappear into the Hetalia swamps :O
But whenever I'll see them in the news together i'll probably have a little smile

99. Until when do you think you will be devoted to this ship?

September, when hopefully I'll have the comic finished :D

100. Finally, please give us one last comment about the ship.

... :O
your mum -3-